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Migration Parade by Alexandra Goodall & Danielle Savage
“Migration Parade” is an evolving, collaborative body of work and multimedia gallery installation
FLOURISH by Andrew Kermack
5 Drag Queens will create a unique look for their own definition of flight in how they view their own Drag Persona and the path that led them to where they are in their Drag Journey.
Revolving laser lights, haze and music combine to create an immersive and magical experience.
A staple of the Luna Fest since its inception. Both youth and adults can take a ride on one of the three ski lift chairs being whipped around Revelstoke’s downtown core on bicycles.
FLOCK OF STITCHES by Cathy English
Cathy will crochet the pieces, with advice on colours, sizes, and physical attributes from bird experts. Other crocheters will be invited to help crochet elements of the pieces.
BLOWN UP by Tina Steen
A  “Face-in-a-hole” comic strip, in which the audience can participate in the comic strip.
CAMERA OBSCURA By Charise Folnovic
An interactive, immersive educational experience for all ages that showcases the art and science of light and optics; ancient technology at its finest.
PRICELESS by Damian John
This artwork is made from 215 unique handmade pieces of paper, screen printed with handmade inks. The paper is made from cotton, hemp, and local indigenous plant material.
BLOWING IN THE WIND by Emily Beaudoin
This animated mural will feature wind dispersed seeds from around the world. Each seed will be animated to portray the manner in which it is dispersed or flies through the air, and will spin, float, tumble on the poster.
HONEY, I SHRUNK US by Erin Kerwin & James Eger
Shrink yourself, your friends, or your parents. The size distorting chair is a fun opportunity to play with perspective and illusion techniques.
The Gnorm Storm is a collection of custom 3D printed gnomes that have been fabricated by some of Revelstoke’s youngest digital artists. Students aged 8 – 12 designed, digitally altered, 3D printed, and decorated their own custom gnome.
SHADOW SAIL THEATER by Heather Dawn Sparks
Participate in creating large scale shadow murals by layering intricate cut paper designs with colour changing film, prisms, mirrors and light to create ephemeral works of shadow and light art.
FLIGHT OF THE CARIBOU by Jacqui Palmer & Doris Folkens
Focusing on the flight, fight and plight of the near extinct Mountain Caribou and the loss of their habitat, we hope to highlight what is an amazing part of the world’s only Inland Temperate Rainforest here in Revelstoke.
COCOON by Jessica Leahey
This oversized cedar cocoon encases an infinity experience where you can peer inside the ultimate butterfly hibernation station.
PORTRAIT MURAL by Johnny Bandura

Johnny Bandura’s mural comprised of portraits of the 215 children whose remains were found on the grounds of the Kamloops Residential School last May. The striking, Comix-inspired images of the children imagined as they might have looked had they survived to adulthood.

PEACOCK by Kelly Hutcheson
Life sized stained glass owl wings. An interactive installation where people will be able to stand in front of the wings to take photos.
SURVIVOR by Kyle Thornley
An expansive pine cone sculpture that captures the significant yet humble structure of this important element of nature.
Big Eddy Bubble Works is a collaborative glass installation that will transform the most fundamental shape in glass blowing, the bubble, into a whimsical wonderland of colour and flight. The centrepiece of the installation is an antique cast iron bathtub.
DRAGONFLIGHT by Lucie Bergeron

The dragons in this installation were created by many children over the course of an entire summer.

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS by The Printmakers
The Printmakers are a collaborative print collective founded by five local Revelstoke artists. The project will consist of a performance that brings historical printmaking techniques into a contemporary conversation.
BLUE LANTERN & WINDHOUSE TRIO by Sylvie-Roussel-Janssens
Blue Lantern is the compression of two previous installations. The heart of the hexagonal structure is made of bits of red fabric from Lac Sainte Marie, exhibited at the Fraser Valley Biennale in 2017. The outer shell is made from blue fabric section from Vanishing Ice, another installation exhibited in its various configurations in the last few years.
MISC WORKS by Tania Willard
These three artists, curators, writers and scholars engage in contemporary ideas and discourse—a place for new ideas rooted in Indigenous art-making.
CONFLUENCE by Taylor Sandell

It will be hard to miss this multi story installation as you explore the streets of downtown Revelstoke. Stand in front of this new media work to become fully immersed in City Hall’s transformation.

Imagine bear and raven playfully teasing each other. Capturing the flight and motion of our Columbia River wildlife and ecosystem through driftwood sculpture, a material so vital to their existence.
FOCUS by Hunter Powell
A geometric mountainscape with a large bald eagle as the centerpiece. Vibrant colors, interspersed with transparent layers, darker shades and patterns will come together to create my impression of our surrounding mountainscapes and wildlife.
The Art & Fungi Project aims at creating artistic work and developing activities inspired by fungi and how they help to shape and connect our world.
Sky Lines by Sarah J Spurr
Sky Lines, is a summer art project where the end goal is to produce a beautiful and functional piece of art in the form of a kite (or kites).

Performing on Mackenzie between Grizzly Plaza and Third Street, Downtown Revelstoke

The Cranky by Denis Severino & Myra Morrison
Partners in life and partners in music, Myra & Denis are musicians that draw from the old time Appalachian tradition. You can expect to hear some old country songs mixed in with their traditional fiddling favourites!
BLUSCRN by FakeKnot

BLUSCRN explores contemporary advertising in relation to the body. The performance is live captured and composited onto monitors, from which other worlds, environments and desires emerge.

A live multimedia performance that fuses Tlingit First Nation singing, drumming and dance with electronic music, and video.

Performing ancient traditional songs and eerie new compositions, PiqSiq leave their listeners enthralled with the infinity of possible answers to the question “what is the meaning of life.”

IDEAS BOBERT by Candice Roberts
With a vintage silent film styling, shadow puppetry, stop motion animation projections, dance and live music, the world of Ideas Bobert is rich with magic and creativity.
UFDISCO by Declan Saville, Simon Wex, Benji Adringa

Take flight, up on and out of this world. A visual and audio experience combining multiple artistic disciplines: Paint, Digital Motion Graphics & visuals, Projection Mapping, Lighting & House Music.

ELEV8 by DJ Spanda

Elevate and move as a form of individual expression and connection with oneself and the environment. Intended to trigger one’s own inner galactic experience and union of the individual with the universe.  Step through the portal to experience vibrant electronic music, lighting, interactive art installations, and live poi and hoop dance. Powered by PK sound.

OWL PUPPETS by Candice Roberts
Giant roving evocative owl puppets lit by LED lights on the inside.
SHADY LADIES by Circus Acts Insomniacs
Our mission is to encourage playfulness and inspire people to find their own strengths. By exposing crowds to the interactive capacity of performance we strive to create a public appreciation of the performing arts.
Spandy Andy by Andy Spandy
Spandy Andy will leave you bewildered with his zany dance moves, quirky personality and vibrant outfits. Carrying around a stereo blasting dance music, Spandy Andy is sure to get any party started.

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