Saturday, Sept 26 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Alleys + Art Galleries = Art Alleries

Revelstoke’s alleyways have become an extra layer of discovery for locals and visitors. Stylistically thematic, walkable, and barrier-free, this open-sky art gallery experience has been expanded for LUNA 2020.

Featuring three new artists and a return of a local favourite, six additional works in the form of sculpture, photography, mixed media, and stained glass are unveiled for LUNA ARTS-ish. Walk the alley at your leisure and explore these newly installed permanent LUNA artworks with pop-up street entertainment on the hour between 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Art Alleries Artists

Kyle Thornley/Architectural and Sculptural Metalwork. Combining traditional techniques with modern processes to design and create everything from unique and functional home details to large architectural installations.


All of my pieces are designed, and made by me. My mountain town is my inspiration.

Rob Buchanan

Rob Buchanan is an award-winning professional photographer, artist, designer & editorial cartoonist. His photographs have appeared in many places including National Geographic Adventure and Traveler Magazines, Bike, Powder, Snowboarder, Explore, the Knowledge Network and the Patagonia clothing catalogs. His winning images have been on two world tours with the Banff Film Festival, have hung in Canada’s McMichael Gallery, and even appeared on the Jumbotron in New York’s Times Square. He has worked as an editorial cartoonist for 26 years for the Revelstoke Review where he has won 2 provincial awards, and his drawings have also been featured by the David Suzuki Foundation and the Canadian Avalanche Association. His paintings have been presented as gifts to British Columbia’s Lieutenant Governor, as well as Canada’s top General for the Department of Defence and British Columbia’s Minister of Transportation. His large-scale metal interactive public art installations have been used by tens of thousands of visitors to Rogers Pass and Revelstoke, BC, including a Member of Parliament, Rick Mercer and members of the Japanese consulate. He has taken documentary photos for the Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief in Malawi, Africa, worked in Nepal, Belize, Costa Rica, Turkey, and the Western Arctic. In his 25 year career as a professional exhibit designer, he has worked in mediums as diverse as sand-blasted rock, water-jet cut steel, wood, moss, spray paint, fiberglass, linocuts, film, sound, light, jello and even helped design a giant cake for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In 2018, he served as 1 of 9 provincial arts and culture ambassadors for BC Culture Days. Currently, he can be found plotting and scheming about contemporary art installations for Revelstoke’s Luna Art Festival.

Rob Buchanan

Art Alleries Locations


Lyrics like arrows. Layers of harp, acoustic bass and tasty percussion. Poetry that tugs you into the liminal place between conscious and subconscious mind.

To entertain is one thing; to enrich is another. Diemm plays for that one note that can open a cascade of ‘yes’ inside you.

Myra Morrison & Denis Severino

Myra & Denis are yet another performing wife husband ‘duo’. While they have fondness for the folk tradition, enticed concert go-ers will be relieved to learn that they don’t just play guitar. Abducted from the hills of Appalachia, Myra is now Revelstoke’s de facto old-time fiddler, and will be backed by Denis’ guitar and banjo playing. Expect a mix of honky tonk country and some traditional dance numbers.

Myra Morrison & Denis Severino
Myra Morrison & Denis Severino

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, this 17 year old multi instrumentalist is already making waves in the music industry, recently earning a spot in the top 100 in CBC Searchlight for 2020. Raised in Revelstoke, on a healthy dose of mountain air and eclectic music, Aza’s style is at the junction of genres that express tones of chill-out indie and powerful pop / alternative vibes . Aza’s debut EP was released by JumpAttack! Records in July of 2019. She is currently working on her first full length album with a projected release date during the Fall of 2020. The honesty in Aza’s writing allows listeners to become a part of her journey, a soulful window that shows fans the raw emotion that inspires her songwriting.

Sylvain Hebert

Sylvain Hebert has lived in Revelstoke since the mid eighties, working as a ski guide and avalanche forecaster. He has played his flute and saxophones in a variety of settings: As part of the orchestras providing the music for the many musicals produced locally and playing many years in the community band. He has shared the stage with Coco Love, DJ SiFi at Luna 2018 and various local jazz combos throughout the years.

Sylvain Hebert

Singer/songwriter and homeschooling mother Leila Neverland is stepping out and spreading her most captivating wings across Western Canada, offering transformative performances that match her humongous voice.

She collaborates with singer/songwriter Taylor van Zyl as duet and Sounds Like Things Ensemble.

Picture this:

A man who wakes each and every day with undeserved feelings of inadequacy while ripping out creative and catchy guitar riffs, harmonies and lyrics between sun down and sun up. That is Jesse Booth, the band’s guitar player, vocalist, co-writer and whip cracker.

Now picture this;

Your uncle is a smart-mouth who occasionally cracks a good joke. Now picture that uncle being a short female with a tall, passionate singing voice… That hypothetical character is named Kaylee and she is the vocalist/co-writer in this group.

And if you will, picture a gentleman made of 1 part sunshine, 1 part whey protein and 2 parts good vibes. That’s Garett and he drums so hard his drum kit has its own health insurance policy. He is the official drummer and morale coordinator of the group.

Whether you want to rock hard, or chill out to some sweet, sweet tunes; they do that!

If you want borderline inappropriate originals that walk the fine line between PG and R; You better believe they do that!

If you’d prefer universally appropriate tunes the whole family can enjoy…Yeah, I suppose they can do that!

Band Photo credit: Lyndsay Esson
Practically Bros

After years of sharing the same stage as solo artists, Amy Burton and Maggie Davis eventually joined acoustic forces and have been “Practically Bro’s” ever since.

Their effortless connection is portrayed in their light-hearted folk covers with playful harmonies and jubilant energy. They are influenced by blues, soul, folk, and the freedom of the Revelstoke way of life. They love singing together and portraying that love to their audience.

Practically Bros
Practically Bros

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