2019 Luna Arts

Wing It by Tracy MacFarlane
Morph into the green Luna moth.
Pinecone by Kyle Thornley
Discover nature magnified.
Fairytales in the City By Anna Fin & Matt Krist
Magical tableaus from the Frog Prince.
Jelly Space by Ian Ward
Illuminated jellyfish suspended in space.
Upside Down Room By Lindy Silano & C3 Friends
A gallery inverted, take a walk on the ceiling.
Draw the Line by Kate Shea & Rob Buchanan
Continuous line drawing translated into light.
Peek-A-Booth By Jess Leahey, Greg Hoffart, Leah Alison, Kyle Thornley, Kelly Hutchenson, & Rob Buchanan
360-degrees of curiosity, colour, & reflection.
Tig the Deer by Jamie Tilson
See the world through the eyes of a stag.
Little Love Tunnel By Vaelei Walkden-Brown, Lindsay Bourque, & Ashlee Watson
Walk through a knotted macramé tunnel of love. Located at 2nd St/Mackenzie.
Night Light By Sarah Spurr
Life-sized animal lantern inspired by Ai Weiwei’s mythical beasts. Located at Chubby Funsters Back Patio.
ARTkidtecture By CPE School, RVAS Art Camp, Zuzana Riha & Ariane Arbour
Kids become architects, pop on 3-D glasses for the full effect. Located at United Church Basement.
LUNAverse By Emilie Lougheed
Follow the lights to enter the LUNAverse! Located at United Church Garden.
Free Spirit By Benji Lowclass
Live graffiti painting inspired by mountain culture. Located at 1st St & Mackenzie.
In Other News By Peter Worden
Extra! Extra! Incredible shrinking newspaper! Located at Wearabouts.
Bumps in the Night By Kristen Robilliard
What do you fear? What do you dream of? Located at Dose.
Bambilluminati By TurboBambi
Watch out for the cyclops! Located at Grizzly Plaza.
Giant Kaleidoscope By Corina Patrauchuk
An infinity of patterns through the prism of your favourite toy. Located at 3rd & Mackenzie.
Sight Art By Matt Johnson
Large scale, abstract with a hint of Christo. Located at Credit Union lot.
Golden Gate By Allie Bruni & Spanda Collective
Sounds from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. Located at Grizzly Plaza.
Suspension of Disbelief By RAGMOP Theatre
Aerial hair hang, operatic interludes and a side of cannibalism. Located at 2nd St. by Dose.
Habiter sa Memoire By Caroline Laurin-Beaucages
A constantly evolving dance performance. Located at RCU parking lot.
Michelan-Jello’s David By Josee Zimyani, Arleigh Garrett, Duane Dukart, & Rob Buchanan
Large scale, abstract with a hint of Christo. Located at Credit Union lot.
STELLE By Leah Allison
Over 200 suspended hand-blown glass sculptures. Located at Selkirk Medical Awning.
Snö By Leah Allison & Cajsa Lee Matsdotter
A spinning menagerie of metal and glass. Located at Mica Heliskiing.
Speaksilence By Andrew Manley
The fragility of memory illuminated by long forgotten love letters. Located at The Funeral Parlour.
Amanita Arcade By Martin Boivin & Karen Oldridge
Put the fun back in fungus. Located at The Regent Alley.
Trampoline Moon By Rob Buchanan, Jill Drake, & Simon Hunt with the Acro-botics
Anti-gravity acro-botics. Located at The Sugar Shack.
Powder Slug By Jana Thompson, Trent Kappler, & the RCA
Take a ride on the powder slug! Located at The Sugar Shack.
The Bird Project By Isabelle Kirouac, Teresa Christian & CPE students
Stilt walking, puppets, and bird choreography. Located at 3rd & Mackenzie.
Hotel Vortruba By RAGMOP Theatre
A surreal wordless physical comedy. Located at Regent Alley Windows.
Mandala Meditations By Pauline Hunt
Take a moment to contemplate a modern twist on an ages-old art form. Located at The Modern.
Unplugged By Zuzana Riha
Discarded cable transformed into giant sculptures. Located at Grizzly Plaza.
How Funny is That? By the Co-Lab
Wide-ranging playlist of hilarious NFB shorts. Located on the Side of City Hall.
Seeds of Dialogue By Simon Hunt & Stacey Byrne, Sponsored by the City of Revelstoke
Seeds of Dialogue, Tree of Understanding. Located at 2nd St. by City Hall.
Community Band
Located at Main Street Cafe.
Alley of Stitches By Revelstoke Quilters Guild
Quilts in the windows. Located at RCU Windows.
Old Soul Rebel
Music: Bold, upbeat, immense & soulful. Located on the Starlight Stage Regent Hotel.
Blue Moon Marquee
Music: Self-styled gypsy blues band. Performed on Starlight Stage Regent Hotel
Art D’Ecco
Music: Rock and roll mystic in a wig and lipstick. Performed on Big Bang Stage.
Life’s a Beach By the Lunatics
Head down to the beach! Located at Begbie Room, Regent Hotel.

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