Luna Arts 2018

Mist and Mystery by By Zuzanna Riha
Kick off your Luna experience one day early! At this opening reception for LUNA you are invited to immerse yourself within this installation-based exhibit. Located at Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre.
Tired Bears Treading Softly By Zuzanna Riha
Take a walk on the wild side! Get up close and personal with life-size sculptures of our forest friends. Located at Cariboo House.
School of Fish By Linda Dickson & Begbie View Elementary
Over 300 young artists have created this installation–prepare to be schooled. Located at the McCarty House Inn.
The Muse By Louis-Marc Simard
Reminiscent of Kandinsky, this mesmerizing sculpture combines reality with the abstract. Located at Main Street Cafe.
99 Red Balloons By Tough Guy Productions featuring Spanda
A boom truck transformed into a DJ booth with 99 red helium balloons reaching for the sky. Located at Mackenzie & Third.
Portal By Eric Inthecircle
This circular sculpture responds to sound, vibration and the movement of those who pass through it. Located on Chubby’s Back Patio.
The Space Between By Sarah J. Spurr
Pull on a string and take off Raven style. Located on the side of Chubby Funsters.
SiFi Presents By Simon Hunt & Friends
Let DJ SiFi and his group of local artists stimulate your senses with this audio extravaganza dance party! Located on Luna Lane.
Breath Between Branches By Taryn Walker
This symbolic mural portrays the cycle of birth, growth, death, destruction, and regeneration. Located at United Church.
The Al Lee Soundscape By Al Lee and Meagan Thompson
Live performance bringing together elements of blues, rock & roll, reggae and funk. Music at Monashee Distillery
Long Story By KUPS
Take in the new mural by Kris Kupskay while enjoying a classic craft made cocktail. Located at Monashee Distillery
If These Walls Could Talk By Lindsay Bourque & Cathy English
The Modern & The Old Molson Bank Part documentary and part animated light show, these projections tell the stories of some of Revelstoke’s oldest commercial buildings. Located at Mannings
Mountain Sound By Mountain Sound
Original genre-bending percussive piano and vocals, drawing inspiration from Ella Fitzgerald, Bjork and silent films. Music at Dose. photo: Revelstoke Review
Anthropocene By Hayley MacIntyre
Step back in time to the Anthropocene geological era and ponder the long-term destiny of our trash. Music at Castle Joe Courtyard.
Mix It Up By Allison Raven & Amanda Quinlan
A larger than life, spinning, mix and match toy. Located at Revelstoke Credit Union.
photo: Revelstoke Review
“Oops, I think hit something…” By Simon Wex, Rob Buchanan & Rob Parkin
Construction on Mackenzie. Please take caution. This installation is ground-breaking. Located at Mackenzie & Second.
Revelstoke Community Band By Revelstoke Community Band
Upbeat popular music will entertain you from the steps of City Hall. photo: Revelstoke Review
Bottlecap Begbie By École des Glaciers
Uncapped creativity! Located at Big Mountain Kitchen.
Live Graffiti Painting By KUPS
Watch renowned graffiti muralist Kris Kupskay show off his mad skills. Located at Taco Club.
Happy Meal By Rob Buchanan
Just add snow and catch up! Located at CIBC.
Habitats By Isabelle Kirouac & Nayana Fielkov
An enchanting performance combining elements of physical comedy, contemporary dance and circus. Performances at Mackenzie Stage.
Cris Derksen
Experience electronic cello with this Juno Nominated Indigenous musician. Alongside a drummer and dancer, Derksen creates a deep base hypnotic performance. Music on Mackenzie Ave.
Upside Down Tightrope By Robyn, Nyssa & Eden Thomas, Rob & Aislin Buchanan
Look skyward for this gravity-confused upside-down tight rope, where one wrong step threatens to send these balancing cutouts plummeting to the clouds. Located in Explorers Alley.
Soul of an Octopus By Lucie Bergeron, Robyn Thomas & Daniel Blackie
A monstrous fishnet sculpture will dance high above you in Octopus Alley. Located in Explorers Alley
ONORAY By Alexandre Rouleau
DJ performance with shapes illuminated by video projection. Located at McKinnon Hall.
Sylvan Solace By Jess Leahey, Greg Hoffart & Rob Buchanan
Lose yourself in this birch forest, inspired by Kusama’s infinity rooms. Located in the Hidden Courtyard.
Alley of Stitches By Revelstoke Quilters Guild
Windows of stitches from the quilts of the Mt. Revelstoke Quilters Guild. Located at Revelstoke Credit Union.
Zee Bird House By Nicolas Houle
See how quirky life would be if our fine feathered friends were human like us. Located at The Cage, Roxy Alley.
LUNA VOX By Claire Sieber
Step behind the curtain to capture and convey your thoughts through this interactive installation. Located in the Roxy Alley.
Fish Bowl By Rob Buchanan, Jessica Leahey, Greg Hoffart & Ezra Lebel
Find Nemo, free Willy and fraternize with a fish called Wanda. Located in Grizzly Plaza.
The Dream Machine By Kate Shea, Claudia Bambi & Hayley Stewart
Watch this creative brain light up as you use your muscle and mind power. Located in Grizzly Plaza.
The Powder Slug Chalet By Jana Thompson, Trent Kappler, Rob Buchanan & RCA
Open for rides once again! Take a trip on Revelstoke’s iconic chair lift. Located at Skookum.
Visions By Daryl Jolly, Mitch Bartle, Jaimie Killen & Dorothy Standidge
Turning the theatre inside out with 3D projection mapping. Located at The Roxy.
LUNA Web By Aislin Buchanan, Cathy English & Rudy Magirena
Look through this psychedelic Charlotte’s Web for a photo opp. Just don’t get caught! Located at The Regent. photo: Revelstoke Review
Bicycle Arch By Trent Kappler, Dave Pearson & Rob Buchanan
Channel your inner tube and pedal Luna’s free-wheeling, free-standing kinetic bicycle arch! Located in Luna Lane.
Falling Awake By Nayana Fielko & Matthew McCorkle
Experience award-winning Surrealist physical comedy from Vancouver’s much travelled Ragmop Theatre duo. Located at the Regent Windows.
Selfie Monster By Revelstoke Times Review
Say Cheeeeeeeeese! Located on Luna Lane.
Alien Forms By Isabelle Kirouac & Robert Leveroos
Stumble upon a family of neon green forms as limbs pop out while they scuttle about. Performances at Various Locations Downtown.
Music to Illuminate By Carly Moran & Diemm
Experience a personal serenade while walking the streets of Luna. Located at various locations downtown.

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