2017 Luna Arts

If the Weather is Listening By Andrew Manley and Miriam Manley
Wind, rain and water… This visual and audio piece will intrigue and haunt you as you walk by. Located in Grizzly Plaza.
Snow Globe By Rob Buchanan, Jessica Leahey, and Greg Hoffart
Have you ever wanted to climb inside a snow globe? Now is your chance, and it’s the perfect photo-op! Located at Grizzly Plaza.
Colouring Book by Angela Gooliaff
Watch this mural come alive as you help to complete this giant colouring book mural. Located at The Taco Club
Umbrella Alley by Artist Lucie Bergeron
Look up! Take a walk under Umbrella Alley. You will enjoy this project rain or shine. Located beside Explorer’s Society.
Heavenly Bodies by Kate Tupper
Step inside this sculptural planetarium designed to teach us how big and small we are. Located at Main Street Cafe.
Secret Gardens by Sarah Spurr
Take a peek through the keyhole and discover a world of glowing moss, webs, and creatures. Located at Chubby Funsters.
Camera Obscura by Sarah Dart
See an upside down and backwards perspective of the street you thought you knew so well. Located at Mica Heli Ski.
Starlight by Michelle Spragg
Look up…Way up…And see the night sky hanging from the ceiling. Located at Big Mountain Kitchen.
Nature//Cosmos by Rhoneil Eurchuk and Jason Mannings
A live multi-media performance telling the story of birth, growth, decay, death and resurrection. Music at Monashee Distillery.
Beauty, Wildlife, Industry By Jacqueline Palmer
Look through the trees to see this sculptural creation of clay and water. Located at Selkirk Block.
The Drifters By Claudia Bambi
Reflected sunset on the river, little creatures on a driftwood sculpture. Located in Explorer’s Society Lobby.
Ullr by Zuzana Riha
Life sized caribou with Ullr, God of Snow and Winter, peering down from above. Located at Caribou House.
Persistence of Vision By Jess Leahey, Natalie Harris, Josee Zimyani, Duane Ducart and Rob Buchanan
Moving pictures re-imagined through zoetropes – some of them edible! Located at The Modern.
SilvaLoom By Nicola McGarry and Claire Seiber
Look through the trees to see this sculptural creation of clay and water. Located at Selkirk Block.
First Snow By Frank Desrosier, Rob Buchanan, and Mary Clayton
Watch as snowflakes made up of Avalanche Canada staff hypnotically fall from the sky. Located at Pulse.
Through the Looking Glass By Sherry Heyliger and Michael John Hornyak
Watch as your movements are transformed into a live montage of light, colour, music, and motion. Located at Explorer’s Society
Arc By Amy Bohigian, Daryl Jolly, Havelock John Tucker
This video fuses historical and modern photos and plays with how communities shift over time. Located at the Museum and Archives.
La End By Eloi Homier Company
In the style of early 20th century silent films, a dancer and fiddler turn commonplace situations into the laughably ridiculous. Located at various locations Downtown Revelstoke.
A Trip to the Moon Courtesy of the Co-Lab
Set aside 13 minutes of your night to watch this seminal art film from 1902. Located at City Hall.
Leila Neverland By Leila Neverland Band
Original genre-bending percussive piano and vocals, drawing inspiration from Ella Fitzgerald, Bjork and silent films. Music at Dose.

Oh Decisions, Decisions By Trish Hartwick

All the joys and frustrations of building that perfect image. Located at Lovemaking Boutique.
Raku Firing By Mas Matsushita, Cat Mather, Nancy Geismar, David Walker
Where there is smoke there is fire…Watch these artists fire clay creations in an outdoor Raku kiln. Located in Grizzly Plaza Parking Lot.
The Powder Slug By Trent Kappler, Sarah Peterson, Rob Buchanan
Open for rides once again! Take a trip on Revelstoke’s iconic chair lift. Located at Grizzly Plaza
Alley of Stitches By Mt. Revelstoke Quilters Guild, Jamie Hobgood
Windows of stitches from the quilts of the Mt. Revelstoke Quilters Guild. Located at Revelstoke Credit Union.

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