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Walk the Alley – Imagine gritty laneways, dumpsters, hydro poles, weather – snow, rain, sunshine – the evening darkness and the ambient noises of a city juxtaposed with fine art hanging on worn brick and cinder block walls. Take a trip down the alley and discover our thematic, walkable and barrier-free, open-sky, art gallery experience open all night.

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Contemporary Landscapes

Contemporary Landscapes

Landscape painting is a genre with strong roots to the past and refers to a field defined by a focus on natural scenery as subject matter. Contemporary landscape painting takes cues from the artists of the past, but infuses new styles, colour palettes, contemporary brushwork and even abstraction to create original and unique landscape art. The pieces in the Art Alleries, although inspired by painters from the Impressionist Period, also embrace new mediums such as powder-coated aluminium and CNC-cut elements to create a layered and more three dimensional quality to the scenes. The ornate gilded frames are made from recycled water bottles and sawdust.

Winter Plaza By Rob Buchanan

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First Snow By Rob Buchanan

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Coming Home By Rob Buchanan

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Sophies Garden By Rob Buchanan

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Marilyn Monroe’s Begbie Smile By Rob Buchanan

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Mona Skisa By Rob Buchanan

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Girl with the Ptex Earring By Rob Buchanan

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Making of Assemblage

Assemblage is an artistic form or medium usually created on a defined substrate that consists of three-dimensional elements projecting out from or mounted to the substrate. In Revelstoke, some of our most abundant objects for recycling into assemblage art are old retired skis and snowboards. They are manufactured for use in very harsh environments (snow, water, sunlight, temperature extremes) which make them very durable for long-term outdoor public art. But first they need to be reimagined…

Rob Buchanan

Rob Buchanan is an award-winning professional photographer, artist, designer & editorial cartoonist. His photographs have appeared in many places including National Geographic Adventure and Traveler Magazines, Bike, Powder, Snowboarder, Explore, the Knowledge Network and the Patagonia clothing catalogs. His paintings have been presented as gifts to British Columbia’s Lieutenant Governor, as well as Canada’s top General for the Department of Defence and British Columbia’s Minister of Transportation. Currently, he can be found plotting and scheming about contemporary art installations for Revelstoke’s Luna Art Festival.



Making of A Friend of a Friend

‘A Friend of a Friend’ started out as photographer Bruno Long’s simple human desire for deeper community connection. Through the thread of friendship, the project wound its way through the community of Revelstoke, BC, introducing Bruno to people he would never otherwise have met, and culminating in a large-scale Art Alleries portrait series.

Bruno Long

Born and raised in New Brunswick, Long moved to Revelstoke almost 15 years ago searching for a quiet mountain life. Building on a passion for photography, he has grown his passion into a career as an internationally-acclaimed action sports photographer. Having travelled all over the world in his pursuit of documenting skiing, mountain biking and other outdoor pursuits, he has always loved Revelstoke more than all the exotic places he has travelled to, enjoying the mountains and forests that surround him, as well as the thriving community. He has worked for dozens of magazines, large commercial clients and a multitude of large-scale film production crews.



Making of Canadian Pacific

‘Canadian Pacific’ is an original work by stained glass artist Kelly Hutcheson. The inspiration behind this large-scale piece stems from Revelstoke’s deep connections to the railway. This large-scale Art Alleries commission challenged Hutcheson, known locally for her smaller intricate pieces of bears and mountainscapes, to create something on a much larger scale built to withstand the elements. In this film we glimpse the fascinating process of creating an epic stained glass work from inception through to completion.


Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Kelly earned a bachelors degree in New Media from Ryerson University. The love of different artistic mediums always played a major roll in her life. Making the move to Revelstoke, BC in 2014 she again picked up stained glass as a hobby while working in the ski industry. Hobby turned career, finding inspiration in an old craft with modern design.



Making of Simple Joy

This dynamic installation invites the viewer to share the beauty and simple joy of blowing on a dandelion head. The symbolism of the dandelion as a hardy and resilient plant along with its healing benefit adds another layer of meaning. The potential inherent in the dispersing seeds invite opportunities to reflect on change, new direction, and re-birth – stimulating and optimistic lessons we continually learn from nature when given the opportunity to notice. The “simple joy” associated with a hopeful blow and wish extend the sculpture’s contemplative pleasure.

Kyle Thornley

Kyle Thornley/Architectural and Sculptural Metalwork. Combining traditional techniques with modern processes to design and create everything from unique and functional home details to large architectural installations.


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