Art Alleries Phase 3 Call Out

Deadline: 9pm, February 14, 2021


Following the successful completion of Art Alleries Phase 1 and 2, Phase 3 of Art Alleries is now underway.

Art Alleries is designed to provide artists with a public opportunity to showcase their work. In partnership with LUNA and under the direction of the Arts Revelstoke, Art Alleries creates a walking tour for both locals and visitors and serves to augment and enhance Revelstoke’s public art collection in a new and contemporary way.

The downtown core of Revelstoke contains a matrix of alleyways which connect hotels, boutique restaurants and shops. Alleyways lie on the marginal edges of society and are not often associated with art or tourism, however, they are vital as potentially thriving public spaces in new urban design. This project explores the potential for these under-served public spaces by reinventing them as permanent outdoor art galleries, or “Art Alleries”.

Goals of the project

  • To contribute to the overall vibrancy of downtown public spaces.
  • To create opportunities to experience public art in a free and accessible public space.
  • To support practicing Basin artists through the purchase and exhibition of their work.
  • To transform alleyways into outdoor art galleries and encourage people to explore public spaces.
  • To create new areas to disperse pedestrians and create alternative flow.
  • To support crime prevention through Environmental Design (light in dark spaces.)

Who is eligible to submit their artwork through this call?

Professional artists residing in BC are eligible to apply with those practicing within the Columbia Basin given preference. For Phase 3 we are prioritising indigenous artists and strongly encourage indigenous artists to apply.

Adjudication Process

The Art Allery Selection Committee is comprised of five jurors. The jury includes a representative from the Arts Revelstoke, representatives from the LUNA selection committee, a representative from the Revelstoke Public Art Committee, and a professional artist. All jurors have a broad and well-rounded knowledge on diverse artistic and cultural practices; have an ability to assess art beyond one’s own taste; and have the ability to contribute to a fair-minded
comparative evaluation.

Project components

  • Alleyways – All work proposed will be installed in alleyways in downtown Revelstoke, proposals should reflect this.
  • Themes – Suggested themes include: Portraiture; Street; Kinetic; Pop Art; Abstract; Still Life; Digital Art; Activism; Live Art.
  • Longevity – Artwork must be viable for permanent outdoor display, for a time period of at least 10 years.
  • Information Panel – An information panel will be installed at the entry of each alleyway to
    identify the artist, artwork title, and financial sponsors.

The Art Allery Committee and the Revelstoke Arts Council reserve the right to accept or reject any submitted artwork. Artwork that contains content considered inappropriate or indecent will not be accepted. Disqualifying content includes nudity, sexual content, images of violence, or polarizing designs (political messages, racial insensitivity, etc.).

Artwork submitted but not selected will not be used for any other applications or projects without the artist’s consent.

For more information, please contact Miriam Manley / Victoria Strange / Jana Thompson / Rob Buchanan at

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