Back Alley Culture

Walk the Alley – Imagine gritty laneways, dumpsters, hydro poles, weather – snow, rain, sunshine – the evening darkness and the ambient noises of a city juxtaposed with fine art hanging on worn brick and cinder block walls. Take a trip down the alley and discover our thematic, walkable and barrier-free, open-sky, art gallery experience open all night.

Contemporary Landscapes

Landscape painting is a genre with strong roots to the past and refers to a field defined by a focus on natural scenery as subject matter. Contemporary landscape painting takes cues from the artists of the past, but infuses new styles, colour palettes, contemporary brushwork and even abstraction to create original and unique landscape art. The pieces in the Art Alleries, although inspired by painters from the Impressionist Period, also embrace new mediums such as powder-coated aluminium and CNC-cut elements to create a layered and more three dimensional quality to the scenes. The ornate gilded frames are made from recycled water bottles and sawdust.

Winter Plaza By Rob Buchanan

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First Snow By Rob Buchanan

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Coming Home By Rob Buchanan

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Sophies Garden By Rob Buchanan

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Assemblage is an artistic form or medium usually created on a defined substrate that consists of three-dimensional elements projecting out from or mounted to the substrate. In Revelstoke, some of our most abundant objects for recycling into assemblage art are old retired skis and snowboards. They are manufactured for use in very harsh environments (snow, water, sunlight, temperature extremes) which make them very durable for long-term outdoor public art. But first they need to be reimagined…

Marilyn Monroe’s Begbie Smile By Rob Buchanan

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Mona Skisa By Rob Buchanan

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Rob Buchanan

Rob Buchanan is an award-winning professional photographer, artist, designer & editorial cartoonist. His photographs have appeared in many places including National Geographic Adventure and Traveler Magazines, Bike, Powder, Snowboarder, Explore, the Knowledge Network and the Patagonia clothing catalogs. His winning images have been on two world tours with the Banff Film Festival, have hung in Canada’s McMichael Gallery, and even appeared on the Jumbotron in New York’s Times Square. He has worked as an editorial cartoonist for 26 years for the Revelstoke Review where he has won 2 provincial awards, and his drawings have also been featured by the David Suzuki Foundation and the Canadian Avalanche Association. His paintings have been presented as gifts to British Columbia’s Lieutenant Governor, as well as Canada’s top General for the Department of Defence and British Columbia’s Minister of Transportation. His large-scale metal interactive public art installations have been used by tens of thousands of visitors to Rogers Pass and Revelstoke, BC, including a Member of Parliament, Rick Mercer and members of the Japanese consulate. He has taken documentary photos for the Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief in Malawi, Africa, worked in Nepal, Belize, Costa Rica, Turkey, and the Western Arctic. In his 25 year career as a professional exhibit designer, he has worked in mediums as diverse as sand-blasted rock, water-jet cut steel, wood, moss, spray paint, fiberglass, linocuts, film, sound, light, jello and even helped design a giant cake for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In 2018, he served as 1 of 9 provincial arts and culture ambassadors for BC Culture Days. Currently, he can be found plotting and scheming about contemporary art installations for Revelstoke’s Luna Art Festival.