Sunday September 25

Sunday September 25

Art Alleries & Other Artists talks

Sunday, September 25

10:00 am Charise Folnovic Camera Obscura Roxy Theatre Entrance (map)
10:30 am Johnny BanduraThe 215 Roxy Theatre (map)
11:00 am Zuzana Riha – Flight of Light The Regent Alleyway (map)
11:30 am Delreé Dumont – Matriarchal Healer Dose Alleyway (map)
12:00 pm Leah Allison – FLYGA RCU Alleyway (map)
12:30 pm Andrew Kermack – Flourish Roxy Alleyway (map)


Crochet techniques for 3D projects

Cathy English
Location: Revelstoke Museum and Archives
Sunday, September 25 – 11am – 1 pm
Cost – $20 (including materials)
Register at Revelstoke Museum & Archives

This workshop is geared towards people who already know the basics of crochet, and would like to learn techniques for 3D crochet. Learn about shaping, stuffing, and when to use rounds or rows, along with other tricks and tips. Participants can bring their favourite hook and ball of yarn, but additional supplies will also be available for those who need them. Stuffing will be supplied.

Contemporary Dance

Ralph Escamillan
Location: The Studio
Thursday 22nd – 7pm – 8:30pm
Free of charge
Register online here

This workshop will introduce performers to the choreographic and compositional ideas used in BLUSCRN—drawing from an extensive history with [street and commercial] dance, choreographer and dancer, Ralph Escamillan will teach some of the sections of the show and detail the steps to working with digital media in a live studio practice.

This class level is open, and will be more improvisationally structured – so movers are open to interpreting and adjusting to their needs.

Clothing – ideally sweatpants/hoodie work and or fabric that covers knees and elbows / footwear – socks are preferred.


Ralph Escamillan, Milton Lim and Kayleigh Sandormisky
Location: The Traverse
Sunday, September 25 – 10am – 11:00am
Free of charge
Register online here

This workshop will provide a look behind the curtain into how BLUSCRN makes use of chroma key materials, a camera, and real-time interactive software to put together a show. 

Milton Lim (media artist) will give us an overview of how the show is set up and run inside of Isadora, the versatile node-based visual programming environment, media server, and audiovisual engine for use in creating interactive installations, performances, and video artworks. 

The creative team will also host a discussion about digital dramaturgy and field questions from workshop participants. No knowledge of coding or programming is required and all are welcome; you will not need to bring your own computer.

Art & Fungi Walk

Led by Willoughby Arevalo
Location – To be announced to registered participants
Sunday, September 25 – 1:30-2:30-pm, 3-4pm
Register online here.

Join us on an exciting exploration of the local fungi with mycologist Willoughby Arevalo! Through this event, you will gain knowledge on mushroom identification, fungal biology & ecology, culinary and medicinal applications, ethical harvesting, and traditional & contemporary uses of mushrooms. Participants will have the opportunity to observe mushrooms holistically, work towards building relationships with them, and learn the active roles that fungi play in symbiosis, succession and regeneration. We will conclude with a sensory art activity. 

About Willoughby Arevalo:
With hands of an artist, eyes of an ecologist, and the heart of a deeply connected human, Willoughby Arevalo brings the practical and the joyful together through the science and wonder of mycology, interdisciplinary visual and performing arts, and education. His work is an invitation for community members to not only learn from fungi, but to grow their true earthy relationships. Raised in Arcata, California (Wiyot and Yurok Territories), he strives to be a good guest on Coast Salish Territory.

How to fold your dragon Origami Workshop

Ben Morrow
Location: Library Learning Lab
10am – 12pm
Register at the Revelstoke Library or on the day

Learn some advanced origami techniques from our expert consultant, Ben Morrow.  Ben will demonstrate modular origami, a technique that allowed him to create a giant origami dragon.Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to try modular origami, to create a dragon of their own, and to explore origami design concepts.

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