Saturday September 24
6pm - 11pm

Saturday September 24
6pm - 11pm

LUNA ARTS is a mind-blowing extravaganza of installation art, interactive performances, and Art Allery discoveries spread across Revelstoke’s downtown core. Join us and prepare to experience Revelstoke as you have never seen it before.



Art Installations, Live Performance and Music

Art Installations, Live Performance and Music



Artist:  Jessica Leahey
Location: The Copeland

Where do butterflies go in the winter? They hibernate… really? This oversized cedar cocoon encases an infinity experience where you can peer inside the ultimate butterfly hibernation station. Juxtaposing the Canadian weather the viewer is experiencing on the outside, the interior will be lush and green like a butterfly’s preferred habitat, a warm tropical environment. A sun tunnel on the roof allows the structure to be lit by daylight and solar powered forest creatures will move softly around the mirrored interior. The walls will be lined with mirrors and the reflections will create the idea of a much larger space. This will play with the viewers perspective, creating a magical and fun fractal illusion of an alternative dimension, and an air of ethereal mystery.

I am a full time, self-taught artist, and freelance illustrator. My working mediums have included painting, illustration, mixed media, and installation.

Much of my inspiration comes from the intersection of contemporary culture and the natural world – and my lifestyle is pivotal to accurately studying and portraying that paradigm. Deep Powder, Flowy trails, good coffee, and love… What else is there?



Artist: Zuzana Riha
Location: Main Street Cafe, Second and Mackenzie,

Capturing the flight and motion of our Columbia River wildlife and ecosystem through driftwood sculpture, a material so vital to their existence.

Getting outside is good for the soul. Through my artwork, I try to create a deeper connection to the creatures, with whom we share our Revelstoke wilderness and community . I believe it’s extremely important for us to recognize that alongside these creatures, we are equally dependent on our resources, and need to respect each other’s spaces. My paintings and sculptures attempt to connect the viewer with these soulful expressions and feel the similarities we share as sentient beings. As I see it, anything can be turned into art. You just need to look at things differently, and utilizing unwanted or discarded objects just makes sense in this day and age.



Artists: Savage & Goodall
Location: United Church

“Migration Parade” is an evolving, collaborative body of work and multimedia gallery installation by electroacoustic sound artist, Danielle Savage, and sculptural textile artist, Alexandra Goodall.  We have drawn on the field of phenomenology, philosophically and through application, and rely on direct engagement with materials (cloth/fiber and raw sonic experimentation) to guide much of our studio practice. Simultaneously, we continue to follow and nurture the conceptual dimensions of our work, tracking how this evolves and how it provides further context, shaping and insight to our inquiry.

Savage & Goodall are an artistic collaboration comprised of electroacoustic sound artist, Danielle Savage, and sculptural textile artist, Alexandra Goodall.

Danielle Savage works with electroacoustic and acoustic music and sound. She is interested in creating participatory experiences in which one can experience sound as speculation, practice, communication, research, ritual. She has had works performed and presented at: San Francisco Tape Music Festival, Festival la Mansion de la Cantante Muda, Mixtape #IWA, Festival Muchas Músicas, Foro De Música Nueva, Visiones Sonoras, 60×60 festival, Montreal/ New Musics, Festival Dias Diseno, ArtsWells Festival, Lux Magna Festival, Kulaks Woodshed Hollywood, and more.

Alexandra Goodall is a multidisciplinary artist from the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. In her studio practice, her passion lies in sculptural textile and installation. In her facilitation work and individual sessions, she aims to bridge the disciplines of art, psychology and bodily presence. She holds a Masters Degree in Intermodal Arts from the European Graduate School in Switzerland. Her undergraduate work was in Costume Studies at Dalhousie University.

Together, Savage & Goodall create immersive environments that offer and invite altered spaces as a way of reckoning with the absurd, the complex and the sacred.



Artist: Isabelle Kirouac and Willoughby Arevalo
Location: Mackenzie Avenue (in front of Village Idiot)

The  Aromatic Fungal Wheel is a didactic, playful and immersive display where visitors can experience and interpret the diversity of smells found in mushrooms. The wide spectrum is organized into plant, chemical, bacterial, mineral, animal, fungal and associative/compound smells, which elicit curiosity, imagination, and memories.  Get ready to experience olfactory delight, disgust and surprise!

Isabelle Kirouac and Willoughby Arevalo have been collaboratively exploring the relationships between art and fungal life for the last five years. In residence at the Guapamacàtaro Art & Ecology Centre in Michoacàn, Mexico, they developed performative installations inspired by fungi that were presented as part of a collective exhibition. They regularly facilitate educational, experiential and artistic mycological forays/urban walking tours and other mushroom-related artistic projects with artists and community members. 

Isabelle Kirouac has an M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts and is a performance maker from Quebec, currently living in Vancouver BC, on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations. Isabelle  develops dances, installations and interdisciplinary performances that often integrate participatory interactions. Isabelle explores the senses, body awareness, intimacy, interspecies relationships, the notion of ritual, the concepts of home, migration, liminality and their reflection on our ways of seeing.

Willoughby Arevalo is passionate about the ecology of fungi, the ways they shape our world and the ways we shape theirs. His lifelong friendship with fleshy fungi has led him down a mycelial pathway – from his start in field identification and mushroom hunting, branching into cuisine, DIY cultivation, farming, education, writing and eco-arts.



Artist: Isabelle Kirouac and Willoughby Arevalo
Location: Mackenzie between Grizzly Plaza and Third Street

The Mushroom Parade features different species of the beloved Amanita mushrooms created and animated by Columbia Park Elementary students and artists Willoughby Arevalo and Isabelle Kirouac. Performing on Mackenzie between Grizzly Plaza and Third Street from 6:15pm – 6:30pm.



Artist: Damian John
Location: Brandon-Bowers Funeral Home

This artwork is made from 215 unique handmade pieces of paper, screen printed with handmade inks. The paper is made from cotton, hemp, and local indigenous plant material. It is further infused with pieces of the Indian act, the canadian constitution, his father’s handwritten Dalkelh myths, his mothers lullaby, and other writings and images reflecting and exploring what is truly valuable to him. The inks are hand made from a mix of settler and indigenous plants to explore some of the nuance of where we find value in how we see ourselves and others.. The number of pieces is reflective of the value of ancestors and those lost to us and the continued influence the past plays on us. It is intended to support the idea of flight by helping visualize how things of importance cannot be ignored.

Damian John is an artist highly influenced by his Indigenous heritage.. He is inspired by nature, culture, and our relationship with all things. He wishes for art to be an avenue to ideas and new thoughts that cultivate action and a thoughtful mind. Using imagery and desire to tell a story, Damian brings his ancestry, culture, and creativity together to help reflect and generate conversations amongst ourselves.



Artist: Emily Beaudoin
Location: Pulse Wall, First Street

This animated mural will feature wind dispersed seeds from around the world. I was always enchanted by flying seeds as a kid, and loved watching them whirl their way down from branches, or be buffeted away on the breeze. Each seed will be animated to portray the manner in which it is dispersed or flies through the air, and will spin, float, tumble on the poster.

Emily Beaudoin is a watercolor and pen and ink artist based out of Revelstoke, BC. Emily has always been irresistibly drawn to the mountains because they make her feel small, full of wonder, and utterly and completely alive. She spends her time hiking, skiing, biking, and paddling into the backcountry in order to paint her experiences. Painting peaks, plants and animals is her way of sharing the love and respect she has for them, and she doesn’t think she will ever stop learning from her time spent outside.



Artist: Sarah J Spurr
Location: The Sugar Shack

Sky Lines, is a summer art project where the end goal is to produce a beautiful and functional piece of art in the form of a kite (or kites). The kites design will utilize my illustrative style and traditional kite making techniques.The subject matter of interest is: Insects such as butterflies or birds found in the Columbia River valley. There are many beautiful examples of kites modeled after butterflies and birds and I would love to incorporate our local wildlife into these traditional motifs.

Sarah J Spurr is an illustrator and mix media artist. Her work is where she comes to practice steadying the line between her head and her hand. Her art practice is an ever evolving source of play. She enjoys trying new ways to express concepts and welcomes the opportunity for research that comes with learning a new craft. LUNA is a personal development challenge she looks forward to each year.



Artist: Heather Dawn Sparks
Location: RCU parking lot

Shadow Sail Theater captures the shimmering nuances of shadow art by combining plasma cut metal with intricate paper cuts, analog light projections, and live silhouettes in an intimate interactive spatial environment.

Participate in creating large scale shadow murals by layering intricate cut paper designs with colour changing film, prisms, mirrors and light to create ephemeral works of shadow and light art.

Sparks conjures the wilds of nature into expressive visual narratives through the shifting spectres of shadow and light. Immersive sculptural and performative works of art engage collective action and inspired participation.



Artist: Dragon Folders of Revelstoke
Location: Explorer Society Alleyway

This installation were created by many children over the course of an entire summer. Origami master Ben Morrow experimented with many designs before settling on one that was simple enough for anyone to create, and that would shed water in the rain.

The large dragon was created by Ben and his support team. It includes some paper sculpture elements. The dragons were created using polypropylene paper, which is waterproof and semi-transparent. Keep your eyes peeled for the Dragon Folders of Revelstoke when you are walking around the Luna Festival – they will look a bit like vikings and might even have paper cut scars!

Inspired by personal reflection on my creative life, staying creative in dark times, and inspirational winged murals. “Life sized” (relative to average human height) stained glass owl wings. An interactive installation where people will be able to stand in front of the wings to take photos. They will be lit up (various options to explore for lighting). A different take on a classic media of wing murals.

The Dragon Folders of Revelstoke are fearless masters of the art of paper transformation! They are unfazed by papercuts! They laugh in the face crumpled paper, failed folds, and confusing instructions! They are not afraid of creating GIANT origami dragons!

Ben Morrow – Origami/Creative Consultant
FARTS in the Park – Component Construction/Creative Consultants
Vanessa Morrow – Engineering/ Structural/Materials/Creative Consultant
Phillippe Bergeron – Physics – Kinetics Design/Materials/Sound/Creative Consultant
Chuck Blackie – Budget/ Construction/Technical Support and Troubleshooting
Summer Reading Club – Component Construction
Lucie Bergeron – Creative Consultant/Coordinator


Affirmations for Wildflowers; an Ethnobotany of Desire

Artist: Tania Willard
Location: Art First Gallery

Affirmations for Wildflowers: An Ethnobotany of Desire is a street-facing window exhibition that uses light projection, reflection, representations of flora, and personal and political affirmations to evoke relations of sustenance in uncertain but flourishing times.

Tania Willard, of Secwépemc and settler heritage, works within the shifting ideas around contemporary and traditional, often working with bodies of knowledge and skills that are conceptually linked to her interest in intersections between Aboriginal and other cultures. Public Art projects include, Rule of the Trees, a public art project at Commercial Broadway sky train station, in Vancouver BC and If the Drumming Stops, with artist Peter Morin, on the lands of the Papaschase First Nation in Edmonton, AB. Willard’s ongoing collaborative project BUSH gallery, is a conceptual land-based gallery grounded in Indigenous knowledge and relational art practices. Willard is an assistant professor at UBCO, her current research constructs a land rights aesthetic through intuitive archival acts.



Artist: Brent Strand
Location: First Street

The Powder Slug Express has been a staple of the Luna Fest since its inception. Originally created by Trent Kappler, Sarah Peterson, and Rob Buchanan. Both youth and adults can take a ride on one of the three ski lift chairs being whipped around Revelstoke’s downtown core on bicycles.

We are a passionate group of locals that want to keep the Powder Slug Express alive!  Our team consists of Brent Strand, Tina Witt, Dean Prunkle, Dan Cloghesy, Trent Kappler, Barb McGregor and Dave Pearson.



Artist: Erin Kerwin & James Eger
Location: First Street

Shrink yourself, your friends, or your parents. The size distorting chair is a fun opportunity to play with perspective and illusion techniques. The size distortion chair illusion is created by building normal-sized chair legs close to a viewing point and a very large chair seat further away. When seen from the defined viewpoint  the pieces visually merge to form a cohesive chair, and a person on the chair seat appears tiny compared to a person standing beside the chair legs. Luna participants will be able to experience the magic of the illusion by posing on and beside the chair while their photo is taken with their cell phone from the viewing point.

Erin is an engineer, problem solver and enthusiastic maker. James is an all-around creative wizard, educator and totally handy guy.

When not puzzling out how to build fun illusions, the artists can be found skiing, climbing, playing disc golf, biking, volunteering, and playing board games with their partners/families.



Artists: The Printmakers
Location: 311 1 St West

By challenging the size restriction of a traditional print press we will create large scale wood block prints with the assistance of a steamroller. A process that will transform the mostly solitary medium of print into a collaborative and interactive experience for both the performer and the audience. Post Luna we will trim down the large scale artwork and bind it in a book that will remain on display at Fable Book Parlor.

The Printmakers are a collaborative print collective founded by five local Revelstoke artists. Our project will consist of a performance that brings historical printmaking techniques into a contemporary conversation.

Brett Mallon is an Australian painter, printmaker and arts educator living and working in Revelstoke, BC. His work is held in the collections of the Canberra National University (Aus) and the Curtin University (Aus), and has been a finalist in the Peebles Print Prize (2019), the Brisbane Portrait Prize Salon des Refusés (2021) and is the recent recipient of the NG Creative Arts Residency, France. His work explores isolation, memory and time.

Cornelius Suchy has been a closet artist for 40 years and would like to roll out his love of printmaking in a big way. He has taught wood etching classes at RVAC in the past.

Dylan Hardy is a local entrepreneur, engineer and volunteer. He looks forward to contributing his decades of project management and operations expertise to help bring this exciting, experiential project to life.

Meghan Porath is the current director of the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre. She is a self educated graphic designer and digital illustrator (3+ years.) Meghan has a background in tourism management specializing in festivals, events, marketing & international adventure community development. Her performance arts background consists of 10+ years in music (piano/choir), 4+ years playing music in the KFPA, 4+ years in theatre, and her level two theory and level eight piano.

Rob Buchanan is a Revelstoke based award-winning professional photographer, artist, designer & editorial cartoonist. Rob is one of the original founders of Luna.



Live Performances: 7:15 -8 PM, 8:30-9:15 PM
Location: Fable Book Parlor, Second Street E

Kitty & The Rooster is a rock n’ roll duo from Vancouver, BC featuring Jodie Ponto on the stand-up cocktail drumkit and Noah Walker on electric guitar. They are known for their surf-tastic hooks, clever lyrics, and ridiculously fun shows.



Artist: Cathy English
Location: Revelstoke Museum & Archives Heritage Garden

A fiber arts installation of several life-like and life-size crocheted birds, created by Cathy and a team of other crocheters. The birds will vary in size from the tiny to the enormous. Visitors to the exhibit can make a wish on a paper feather and add it to a large bird cut-out within the exhibit space.

Cathy English has been the curator of Revelstoke Museum and Archives since 1983. Her artistic outlet is crochet, a craft she has been practicing for more than 50 years. She specializes in 3D crochet, including toys and soft sculpture. She has designed many of her own patterns, and especially enjoys creating life-like animals and birds. She sells her work at the annual Christmas Market, at Revelstoke Museum and Archives, and through her Facebook page, Cathy’s Crochet. She has made a life-like Clark’s Nutcracker and an American Robin for Parks Canada. Cathy has mentored many other people in the craft.



Artist: FakeKnot
Location: The Traverse, 312 1 St West, Revelstoke

Artist: FakeKnot
Co-Created by Ralph Escamillan and Milton Lim
Choreography by Ralph Escamillan
Performed by Ralph Escamillan + 2 Local Guests
New Media by Milton Lim
New Media Assistance Kanon Hewitt
Sound Design by Stefan Seslija and Milton Lim
Costume Design by Robyn Jill Laxamana
Set Design by Ed Spence

BLUSCRN explores contemporary advertising in relation to the body. By using both live and post-production chroma keying softwares to filter and replace environments, objects, and clothing, the project asserts a simultaneous operation of the body as subject and object. The performance is live captured and composited onto monitors, from which other worlds, environments and desires emerge. This project was prototyped for FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery and has since been developed to its current iteration.

FakeKnot is the umbrella entity for collaborative performance works that play with the complexities of identity and culture through costume, sound, technology, and movement. FakeKnot is grounded in street, commercial, and contemporary dance techniques that honours the queer, POC identity of artistic director, Ralph Escamillan. Collaboration as a practice of knowledge co-creation is essential for FakeKnot in the ways it can generativity bring differences together.

Ralph Escamillan is a queer, Canadian-Filipinx performance artist, choreographer and teacher based in Vancouver, BC. His work questions notions of identity, tradition and clothing, and the influence of pop culture in a globalizing world. As the artistic director of FakeKnot, he develops collaborative performance works that have been presented both nationally and internationally. Ralph started his training in street dance styles, and is a graduate of Modus Operandi—a Vancouver-based Contemporary Dance program. He has danced with Vancouver-based companies Out Innerspace Dance Theater, Company 605, Wen Wei Dance and Ballet BC, and apprenticed with Kidd Pivot.



Artist: Kelly Hutcheson
Location: Mountain Made Studio, 308 1 St West

As a creative person it can be tough to navigate your passion in life. The external and internal critics can too easily stop us from achieving personal growth and discovery. This display of peacock feathers represents the power of self-love and self-confidence. The value of knowing who we are and not neglecting our dreams. You are invited to stand in front of this grand illuminated display, tap into your personal power.

Stained glass by Kelly Hutcheson 

Light box constructed by local woodworker Chris Schill

Kelly Hutcheson, stained glass artist and owner of Mountain Made Studio in Revelstoke.. She has been making stained glass art for over eight years, and has gone full time as an artist for the past two years. Her business has taken big steps in moving into a new studio in downtown Revelstoke in the fall of 2021. Her best known pieces are mountain and bear sun-catchers, although throughout the years she has been challenging herself to create larger works, including permanent installations in Revelstoke.



Artist: Andy Spandy
Location: Downtown Revelstoke

Spandy Andy will leave you bewildered with his zany dance moves, quirky personality and vibrant outfits. Carrying around a stereo blasting dance music, Spandy Andy is sure to get any party started. Spandy’s ultimate goal is to spread happiness across the globe. Spandy Andy’s high-energy performances are guaranteed to have you grinning ear to ear. WARNING: this boy’s smile is infectious!



Artist: Kyle Thornley
Location: Second Street and Mackenzie Ave

An expansive pine cone sculpture that captures the significant yet humble structure of this important element of nature. The strength of the metal media reflects the authenticity of the pine scales in their role as safe protectors of the seeds. Pine cones date back to prehistoric times and throughout this history have represented immortality and human enlightenment; inspiring icons. The cone scales in this sculpture are flared outward implying favorable conditions for seed dissemination – a lovely metaphor for the local community hosting the art and to foster promise and possibility.

Kyle Thornley is an Artist Blacksmith from Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada. For the last 16 years, Kyle has been creating art with metals through commissioned pieces, architectural metalwork, exhibitions, and public art.



Artist: Andrew Kermack
Location: Bird Cages, Alleyway behind Roxy Theatre

There will be five Calgary- based Drag Queens, each Queen will create a unique look for their own definition of flight in how they view their own Drag Persona and the path that led them to where they are in their Drag Journey. As an example – Farrah Nuff (the primary Queen) has been a mentor (or mother as they call it) to the other Drag Queens, helping them create their personas and foster their Drag skills. In addition to each Queen’s unique look, they will have a set of wings to accompany the look – as a not so subtle nod to the flight theme.

I was born and raised in Revelstoke, only recently moving to Calgary in 2018 to attend the University of Calgary where I am enrolled in a combined Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies and Communication and Media Studies. Additionally, I am a photographer with an interest in creating visual narratives whether they are more real- world documentation or constructed movie like stories. I have been serious about photography for the past 4 years and have strived to create interesting content.



Artist: Tina Steen
Location: City Furniture alleyway

‘Blown Up’ will bring to life characters that live in this brain of mine. This life sized comic strip will allow the viewer to be inside the story, interacting with those characters that frequent my thoughts! The comic strip will be short and punchy, bringing up a satirical situation in our mountain town reality with characters we’ve never met before. Through a face-sized hole in the comic strip, the viewer will look into a mirror that is reflecting a single frame of the comic. The viewer’s face will be the face of a character in the comic. Going from face-hole to face-hole the viewer reads and is a part of each frame in the comic strip.

I’ve always loved drawing illustrations. At school and university I would be constantly sketching up characters that accompany my notes and assignments. I eventually worked up the courage to draw a comic strip for my university newspaper. It depicted a quirky student at uni that ran into strange problems and situations, solving them in their own silly way. These were all satire, poking fun at the real time happenings at my university. Since then my comics have not appeared in a public space and I’ve kept them buried away in my sketchbooks. I’ve been mostly drawing and painting a couple recurring characters in my mind who have yet to come to life in a comic strip.



Artist: The Revelstoke Idea Factory, Taylor Sandell
Location: Grizzly Plaza

The Gnorm Storm is a collection of custom 3D printed gnomes that have been fabricated by some of Revelstoke’s youngest digital artists. Once a year you can catch this mythical pint sized population in full swing as they skate, ski, and hurdle through the streets of downtown Revelstoke. These mischievous and strangely wonderful creatures were brought to life during a summer camp run by local artist Taylor Sandell at The Revelstoke Idea Factory. Over a week, students aged 8 – 12 designed, digitally altered, 3D printed, and decorated their own custom gnome. Every gnome has a story to tell in this community installation, spend a moment to see if you can catch what they have to say.

The Gnorm Storm is a community project led by The Revelstoke Idea Factory and local artist Taylor Sandell. During a summer camp at the Revelstoke Idea Factory Taylor led a team of 10 budding young artists through the process of designing, 3D printing, and customizing their own gnomes. Each gnome was given a backstory, a voice, and personality by their creators:

Abril, Arlo, Essey, Ezmay, Finley, Isla, Kye, Léo, Tristen, and William.

Taylor Sandell
Taylor Sandell has a long history of teaching the arts. In Australia she taught at The Queensland University of Technology and advised on new media projects. But over the years she has found that teaching the smallest artists can be delightfully unexpected, challenging and rewarding. As an artist herself Taylor Sandell can really appreciate the unfiltered imagination of the young and the young at heart.

The Revelstoke Idea Factory
The Revelstoke Idea Factory is a non-profit, technical prototyping facility and community fabrication lab offering some of the most forward-looking and practical education available for our changing world—a rare offering in a town this size, and a setting this rural.  



Artist: Big Eddy Glassworks
Location: Gazebo, Grizzly Plaza

Big Eddy Bubble Works is a collaborative glass installation that will transform the most fundamental shape in glass blowing, the bubble, into a whimsical wonderland of colour and flight. The centrepiece of the installation is an antique cast iron bathtub that has been a welcome sign at the Big Eddy Glass Works studio since it was founded.


Big Eddy Glass Works is a team of six makers, led by Leah Allison, that specializes in functional glass art. We work out of a glass blowing hot shop and studio in the Big Eddy Neighbourhood of Revelstoke. All members of the team come together to accomplish the many special projects and commissions that come through the doors of the hot shop, including custom lighting, memorial work, sculptures, and glassware. They also use varying types of glass techniques, such as glass blowing, flameworking, glass fusing, and cold working.



Artist: Denis Severino & Myra Morrison
Location: Grizzly Plaza, Love Making Designs

Old-timey theater, with a performance of three ‘crankies’ that are long illustrated murals cranked though a screening box, back lit using wooden dowels.

Partners in life and partners in music, Myra & Denis are musicians that draw from the old time Appalachian tradition. As a youngster Myra would compete in local and regional fiddle contests alongside her sister, pleasing many crowds while developing her seamless fiddle style. During the years of The Revelstoke Coffee House, Denis immersed himself in old-time music, and met Myra on his first visit to West Virginia. They have since forged a strong musical bond and travel to Appalachia in the summers to keep their connection to the region’s music and traditions. At Luna they will be performing their ‘crankies’ – old-timey theater consisting of long illustrated murals.  The murals are cranked through a back-lit screening box using wooden dowels and the crankies are accompanied by live music and lyrical narration.


The 215

Artist: Johnny Bandura
Location: Roxy Theatre

When Johnny Bandura was first inspired to paint a mural comprised of portraits of the 215 children whose remains were found on the grounds of the Kamloops Residential School last May—a tragic revelation that prompted a national reckoning with Canada’s colonial legacy—he never imagined the journey his work would spark.

 The striking, Comix-inspired images of the children imagined as they might have looked had they survived to adulthood, have touched viewers around British Columbia at a variety of exhibitions, serving both as a memorial and as an educational tool.

Johnny Bandura is a self taught artist and musician who works as a service technician in the mining industry. Johnny grew up throughout western Canada, NWT and now calls Edmonton, AB home. Johnny is a member of the Qay Qayt First Nation from New Westminster BC.

In 2021 when the discovery of 215 children’s remains were found at the Kamloops residential school, Johnny decided to paint portraits to honour and give perspective of each child found. Since the project was released “The 215” has been featured on CTV, CBC radio programs, social media platforms, the Art Magazine and has even being recognized in the United Kingdom.The body of work (the 215) has been shown at several public events including Canada’s first Truth and Reconciliation in Kamloops BC and a two week stay at the Anvil Center in the city of New Westminster.

This upcoming year the project will be featured at several festivals and events and will end the year with a 3 month stay at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops BC.



Artist: Charise Folnovic
Location: Grizzly Plaza

 “Looks Can Be Obscuring” is an interactive, immersive educational experience for all ages that showcases the art and science of light and optics; ancient technology at its finest. In a world inundated with instant gratification, a digital society addicted to little black rectangles tracking the entirety of their fast paced hyper-sensitive lives, we are looking to explore the question of the simplistic science behind the camera obscura. An age-old invention once used as a drawing aid for painters in the 16th century, we wonder how it will be interacted with in our current digital age. Will this “dark chamber” consisting of a dark room, a lens and a ground glass screen, allow people an opportunity to unplug, slow down and disconnect from their digital lives? How will they engage with analog surroundings (specifically millennials born into the digital age)? Does this optical challenge have the ability to calm people’s minds, spark or create new neural pathways in the brain? These are some questions we hope to answer by constructing this life-sized project.

Charise Folnovic is a visual artist working in documentary, travel and art photography. She is alumnus of the Alberta College of Arts (now AUArts), graduating with a Bachelor of Design in Photography. Her work has been shown in Applied Arts magazine and most recently published in SEITIES – a traditional photography publication and gallery based in Calgary AB. Charise has been a finalist for the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, an award for international female photographers with her documentary and landscape portfolios and has been part of group exhibitions in Calgary, Portland, Los Angeles, Victoria and Revelstoke BC.



Artist: PIQSIQ
Location: Main Stage –  Mackenzie and First Street

Performing ancient traditional songs and eerie new compositions, PIQSIQ leaves their listeners enthralled with the infinity of possible answers to the question “what is the meaning of life.” 

With a style perpetually galvanized by darkness and haunting northern beauty, sisters, Tiffany Kuliktana Ayalik and Inuksuk Mackay, come together to create Inuit style throat singing duo, PIQSIQ. With roots in Nunavut’s Kitikmeot and Kivalliq Regions, the sisters grew up in Yellowknife, NWT, where endless sunlight shines for two short summer months and deep, wintery darkness consumes the rest of the year. These environmental extremes had a huge impact on Tiffany and Inuksuk’s overall aesthetic and the pair have always engrossed themselves in creating soundtracks to life that reflect this natural phenomenon.



Artist: Dakhká Khwáan Dancers & DJ DASH
Location: Main Stage – Mackenzie and First Street

Deconstruct Reconstruct is a live multimedia performance that fuses Tlingit First Nation singing, drumming and dance with electronic music, and video.

The Dakhká Khwáan Dancers and DJ DASH create music that fuses First Nation Tlingit dance, and song with electronic music. … Together they have created Deconstruct Reconstruct.



Artist: Sylvie-Roussel-Janssens
Location: Mackenzie between First and Second Street, Downtown Revelstoke

Blue Lantern is the compression of two previous installations. The heart of the hexagonal structure is made of bits of red fabric from Lac Sainte Marie, exhibited at the Fraser Valley Biennale in 2017. The outer shell is made from blue fabric section from Vanishing Ice, another installation exhibited in its various configurations in the last few years.

In the 18th century, Antoine Lavoisier said: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”.  Recycling, repurposing and transforming materials, ideas and whole projects are intensifying in my sculptural art practice. Perhaps the most important and difficult part of the process is deciding what to let go. It is a form of grief that leads to freedom. Blue Lantern will keep transforming itself. Folding, unfolding, indoors or outdoors, it will let its beating heart go on.

Born in Montreal, Sylvie Roussel-Janssens has lived in British Columbia since 1980. She graduated with honors from Emily Carr College of Art in 1984, specializing in sculpture, and now lives in Chilliwack on the traditional and unseeded territory of the Stó:lō people. She shows frequently and obtained a Canada Art Council grant in 2001 for Sumas Lake: 22 Miles of Memories, an amphibian sculptural installation about Sumas Lake, a disappeared tidal lake in the Fraser valley. Her work shows her interests in history and the environment. Sylvie’s approach to sculpture is equally conceptual and based in the joy of the building process. She is pursuing her journey with textile while also experimenting with various materials, at the intersection of art, craft and design.

Her commitment to sustainability in making art is more important than ever. All her new work is made with recycled materials and repurposed projects. She believes in the value of repair.



Artist: Jacqui Palmer & Doris Folkens
Location: Birch and Lace

Focusing on the flight, fight and plight of the near extinct Mountain Caribou and the loss of their habitat, we hope to highlight what is an amazing part of the world’s only Inland Temperate Rainforest here in Revelstoke. Jacqueline Palmer stretches the limits of ceramics with a contemporary medium to depict the intimacy of the caribou and Ancient Forest as they face extinction. Doris Folkens music will convey the flight of the caribou in a ballad style narrative.

Doris Folkens is an award-winning singer songwriter, accredited by Berklee College of Music and has “a voice as pure and as sweet as the country and a timeless acoustic folk sound” (Roots Music Canada).

Jacqueline Palmer is a ceramic artist, previous Luna participant, longtime member of Art FIrst Gallery, two time solo exhibitor at Revelstoke Art Gallery, exhibited in the Okanagan, Banff , Prince George and the VISAC Gallery(Kootenays) and Art in the Park participant.



Artist: Taylor Sandell
Location: City Hall

It goes without saying that the last few years have been hard for so many people. Throughout the pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine, the uncovering of mass grave sites across the country, and the degradation of our environment people have become so divided. In a time when we needed unity the most we chose sides based on vaccinations, immigration laws, religion, and the economy. That division was abundantly clear here in Revelstoke’s rural community, a diverse town where the long-established ways of the railway stand alongside the influx of artists and freethinkers. As things start to get back to “normal” we all seem to be remembering that there is community in diversity. Confluence is a multi story projection which celebrates the many diverse groups that make up our mountain town. By following the river in a visual journey through time we pay homage to the diverse groups which have shaped Revelstoke, and celebrate the joining of these many rivers.

Taylor Sandell is a new media artist and animator with years of experience creating original content for galleries, childrens TV, and advertising. If you’ve been to The Revelstoke Visual Arts Center in the last year you’ve likely said hello to Taylor. Taylor is in her element working with emerging technologies and adapting them to create original works of art. Like many artists Taylor enjoys experimenting with diverse mediums from linocut prints and illustration to ceramics and fiber arts.  Taylor’s works are often light, bright, and whimsical even when the underlying theme is dark or dreary. As a viewer she enjoys artwork that has substance & connects emotionally, and so she carries that concept forward in her own practice.



Artist: Hunter Powell
Location: Car Parking Area, Meghann Hutton Notary in the alleyway behind Dose

A geometric mountainscape with a large bald eagle as the centerpiece. Vibrant colors, interspersed with transparent layers, darker shades and patterns will come together to create my impression of our surrounding mountainscapes and wildlife.

​​I grew up in Ontario where I started writing graffiti with my friends. That quickly blossomed into us all painting big legal murals around town. Since moving to Revelstoke years ago I have worked with the government, businesses and private residents to create custom murals, canvasses and more.



Artist: Terrance Houle
Location: United Church, back wall

GHOST DAYS is a beautiful & haunting film that involves the conjuring of the spirit and the living audiences in Colonial & Indigenous culture. Each artist in GHOST DAYS hauntingly performs to the spirits of the decommissioned IXL Brick Factory (Medalta) in Medicine Hat, performing to fathers, mothers, love, pain, workers/family, and culminating to a climactic end that’s speaks to reclamation & possible reconciliation. Major themes of creations and destruction, life and death, living and the spirit, land vs. colonization takes over in each story. GHOST DAYS awakens collaboration with artists, audience, and spirit, this unique film involves spoken word, music, sound art & performance evoking our colonial and non-colonial histories that exist in the light of night as in the darkness of the day Terrance Houle bases this feature length performance video on the continuing project GHOST DAYS.

Featuring Cobra Collins, Matt Master (Burgener) & Amanda Burgener, Terrance Houle, Maxine WeaselFat & Vern Houle (Houles Parents) also Brett Gordon. 

Performances were directed by Houle and shot by D.O.P Alex Moon on High Definition cameras at the decommissioned IXL Brick & Tile Factory in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Medalta Clay Potteries.

Terrance Houle, Niitsitapi (Blackfoot): Kainai/ Saulteaux, is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary media artist. He has been involved with Indigenous communities all his life and has traveled to reservations throughout North America, where he has participated in Powwow dances and Native ceremonies. Houle utilizes performance, photography, video, film, music, and painting throughout his practice. His work also incorporates tools of mass dissemination, including billboards and vinyl bus signs.


Otanimm/Onnimm (Daughter/Father)

Artist: Neko Wong-Houle & Terrance Houle
Location: United Church, back wall

A short animation based on the relationship of an artist and his daughter, and their deep connection to one another. Using dialogue, music, traditional animation, stop-motion, experimental DIY photography using Caffenol (coffee/vitamin C developer) and 2D rotoscoping Terrance and his daughter Neko share a unique look at an indigenous father/daughter story.

Terrance Houle, Niitsitapi (Blackfoot): Kainai/ Saulteaux, is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary media artist. He has been involved with Indigenous communities all his life and has traveled to reservations throughout North America, where he has participated in Powwow dances and Native ceremonies. Houle utilizes performance, photography, video, film, music, and painting throughout his practice. His work also incorporates tools of mass dissemination, including billboards and vinyl bus signs.


Mullyanne Nîmito

Artist: Cheyenne Rain LeGrande ᑭᒥᐊᐧᐣ’
Location: CIBC Wall

Cheyenne Rain LeGrande ᑭᒥᐊᐧᐣ is a Nehiyaw Isko artist, from Bigstone Cree Nation. She currently resides in Amiskwaciy Waskahikan also known as Edmonton, Alberta. Cheyenne graduated from Emily Carr University with her BFA in Visual Arts in 2019. Her work often explores history, knowledge and traditional practices. Through the use of her body and language, she speaks to the past, present and future. Cheyenne’s work is rooted in the strength to feel, express and heal. Bringing her ancestors with her, she moves through installation, photography, video, sound, and performance art.

Filmmaker: Eli Hirtle
Music: translated by Connie LeGrande & produced by Nathan Morin. 

Nîmito in nêhiyawêwin translates to she dances. This performance includes two objects: a hybrid moccasin platform shoe and the other a bepsi tab shawl. Mullyanne Nîmito explores my Nehiyaw femme identity. Exploring ideas around Nehiyaw alien, protection, movement as healing, ancestral knowledge, traditional practice and Nehiyaw fashion. The bepsi tab shawl is a sculptural garment made out of beer/ pop can tabs that myself and my community have been collecting for the past 5 years. I weaved the tabs and pastel ribbon together to create this long shawl with fringe similar to a fancy shawl. Using the pop can tabs allows me to utilise a daily object- up-cycle and reuse it. Both of these objects are an act of reclamation. My aunt taught me how to make traditional moccasins and that shared knowledge I hold close to my heart. Nanaskomitin Auntie Christine. I am thankful to all the aunties, Kokums, and ancestors who have guided me. This performance takes place in Wabasca. It’s an honour to be on my homelands and be able to perform in and around nipiy, the water, pahkisimon, the sunsets and askiy, the land.



Artist: Candice Roberts (Candy Bones)
Location: The River City Pub, Regent Hotel

What happens if we deny our deepest desires for self expression?  Teetering on the brink of absolute failure, Bobert discovers his heart’s yearning to be more important than he knew. From award winning creator Candice Roberts comes a clown tour de force of comedy and conundrum. With a vintage silent film styling, shadow puppetry, stop motion animation projections, dance and live music, the world of Ideas Bobert is rich with magic and creativity. Like Ginger Rogers meets Mr. Bean on the Muppet show, Ideas Bobert dances with the hilarious and absurd.

Candice Roberts is a Canadian comedy artist. Her original works encompass physical theater, music and clown to investigate the humour and heartbreak of our social and human conditions. She is an avid researcher of creativity, and the connections between self expression, mental health and community.  She is the artistic director of Candy Bones Theatre which devices and tours innovative, immersive and original theatre for young audiences.



Artist: Declan Saville, Simon Wex, Benji Adringa
Location: The River City Pub, Regent Hotel

Combining the artworks of Benji Andringa (Benji Lowclass) with the projections and music of Declan Saville (Disco Ammo & Dexaville) we will take flight, up on and out of this world. A visual and audio experience combining multiple artistic disciplines: Paint, Digital Motion Graphics & visuals, Projection Mapping, Lighting & House Music.

Benji Andringa aka is a graphic designer / illustrator based out of Revelstoke.  Declan Saville aka Dexaville (DJ) / Disco Ammo (Visual Artist) based out of Revelstoke, professional house music DJ for 16 years. Backgrounds in graphic design, sound design, events, motion visuals and lighting. 18 years visual artist experience. Resident DJ for Revelstoke Mountain Resort and exclusive guest host for Deep Housecat Podcast.



Artist: LUNAtics
Location: Alleyway behind Rumpus

Revolving laser lights, haze and music combine to create an immersive and magical experience.

The LUNAtics is the crew behind LUNA, most years the LUNAtics collaborate on a couple of special installations. With high production values these installations are aimed at high impact, with lots of engagement and interactivity aimed at pleasing the crowds and families in particular.



Artist: Candice Roberts
Location: Downtown Revelstoke

Giant roving evocative owl puppets lit by LED lights on the inside.

Candice Roberts is a Canadian comedy artist. Her original works encompass physical theatre, music and clown to investigate the humour and heartbreak of our social and human conditions. She is an avid researcher of CREATIVITY, and the connections between self expression, mental health and community.  She is the artistic director of CANDY BONES THEATRE which devises and tours innovative, immersive and original theatre for young audiences.



Artist: Circus Acts Insomniacs
Location: Downtown Revelstoke

Our mission is to encourage playfulness and inspire people to find their own strengths. By exposing crowds to the interactive capacity of performance we strive to create a public appreciation of the performing arts.

Circus Acts Insomniacs are a dynamic performance troupe offering a visceral experience through empowering dance, awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics and powerful fire choreography. The relationship between music and movement influences their unique storytelling into universal means of communication.



Artist: DJ Spānda & Percusshunkidd
Location: Craft Bierhaus

Elevate and move as a form of individual expression and connection with oneself and the environment. Intended to trigger one’s own inner galactic experience and union of the individual with the universe.  Step through the portal to experience vibrant electronic music, lighting, interactive art installations, and live poi and hoop dance. Powered by PK sound.

Allie Bruni-Riendeau, also known as Spānda is an American DJ artist known for playing Afro, Progressive, Tech House, Techno and Old School Hip Hop. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Spānda finds inspiration from her environment and California roots, to her love of Indian/Hindu philosophy and the practice of Yoga. You can find her playing at festivals, events and clubs throughout the US and Canada  and is known for producing inclusive events with her husband Stephane Riendeau. She inspires to play a broad soundscape that inspires storytelling and connection. She’s dedicated to improving the lives she touches. “My intention is to provide an authentic experience that empowers learning and cultivates awareness of body and soul.”

Off the decks you can find Allie practicing yoga, exploring new music, dancing, surfing, mountain biking, and loving her family. Allie is Co-Owner of Fable Book Parlour in Revelstoke, BC where she heads up the music department of this beloved book and music store. 

Spanda = pulse, movement, motion, radiating energy that comes from the absolute. Personal energy that manifests itself in every single thing one does, joyful impulse to create harmony.



Artist: Flying Arrow Productions
Location: Rainbow Crosswalk

 A special opportunity to experience again the joy of our June 2022 production of Mamma Mia! This show brought together hundreds of local performers and volunteers and thousands of audience members to enjoy the magic of live, local and outdoor theatre.  Expect pop-up performances throughout the night of popular numbers from the show presented by familiar local performers.

Flying Arrow Productions was established in 2014 in Revelstoke to offer theater opportunities for children, youth and seniors as a way to educate, entertain and bring joy to the community. Most recently, Flying Arrow performed Mamma Mia! The Musical as an outdoor event at Queen Elizabeth Park in June 2022. Our community productions engage hundreds of participants and thousands of audience members and through this bring our mountain town together through performance art.



Artist: Burns The Dragon
Location: Downtown Revelstoke

Vancouver’s Dragonman is a contemporary self-made oddity. The fusion between man and myth, combining  circus and sideshow into the perfect mashup of both. A bit of juggling, a crack of the whip and a few things we guarantee you have never seen before!  Burns The Dragon will make you reaffirm your belief in the existence of Dragons.

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